Pharnacia ponderosa

Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Pharnacia ponderosa:

Origin: Philippines

Size: up to 21 cm (females, males are smaller and slender)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures (20-23C)

Humidity: 70-75% 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

As many other species Pharnacia ponderosa doesn’t have a trivial name yet. Rare species in European collections yet!

Quite large species, especially wingless females which can grow up to 21 cm and have relatively robust body build. Males are reaching 13-14 cm and have well developed wings, but usually don’t fly actively. Keep in mind that you will need large enclosure to keep adults – at least with dimensions of 60x45x45cm (HxWxD) otherwise it will be not enough space for them to move and (what is critical) to molt properly.

Although Pharnacia ponderosa can be considered as relatively calm species, they are not the best pets for handling – males can be especially nervous and can play dead taking awkward poses.

Bramble is perfect feeding plant, but also they are accepting Oak, Beech, Eucalyptus and Salal.

Females are just dropping eggs on the ground (throwing them away like a sling) where they can be collected and moved to separate container for incubation. Incubation time is 4-4.5 months on slightly humid sand with temperatures 20-23C.

Young nymphs are strong enough to feed on any plant species from the list, but to make their life a bit easier you can cut leaves edges.

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