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Small Exotic Farm is officially registered Irish company, our collection is one of the largest invertebrates collections across Ireland and includes wide range of Mantids, Stick Insects and Cockroaches. Most of them we are breeding and selling for affordable prices – our animals are healthy and grown with all possible care.

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Anisomorpha buprestoides "Ocala" adult female.
Anisomorpha buprestoides “Ocala” adult female.

Discount system implemented!

Bulk discount system.
Bulk discount levels on product page.

Starting from today we introduced new bulk discount system (for Mantids only yet, more to come) in our store.

If you are buying 5+ of any mantis species you will get 5% off and 11+ of any mantis species – 15% off the price. Buy more – save more!:)

If you are company and if you are interesting in something – contact us to discuss possible options.

Also we are working on some seasonal promos which will be available in the nearest future. Enjoy!

Christmas time delivery notice

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting our website!

Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year!:)

Christmas is very busy time for everyone and for delivery services as well, so to avoid any unexpected (or, to be honest, expected) delays of delivery of your orders we will ship them after this postal chaos will be returned into usual borders (i.e after 1st January).

We consider it as better option to ensure you will get animals you purchased safely.

Some of orders can be delivered earlier in case you are living in Co. Cork or Co. Limerick or if we will be able to find an occasion to bring it to you using help of friends & colleagues.

If you will have anything to discuss with us – feel free to contact us!