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Small Exotic Farm is officially registered Irish company, our collection is one of the largest invertebrates collections across Ireland and includes wide range of Mantids, Stick Insects and Cockroaches. Most of them we are breeding and selling for affordable prices – our animals are healthy and grown with all possible care.

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Anisomorpha buprestoides "Ocala" adult female.
Anisomorpha buprestoides “Ocala” adult female.

Shipping to UK and EU countries temporarily suspended

Based on negative experience with recent orders delivery we decided to temporarily suspend shipping to other countries.

Postal services are badly understaffed right now meanwhile post traffic significantly increased as COVID19 lockdown drive people to order goods online etc. This is the reason why transition times increased beyond allowable boundaries and chance that animals survive is very low.

We will start to ship orders outside of Ireland again when situation will be improved.

Sorry for inconveniences and thanks for your understanding. And take care!

COVID-19 update

We are continuing to ship orders as post offices are working, but due to introducing of strict isolation measures by Irish government shipping dates can be adjusted to current situation (which is pretty unpredictable right now).

Hopefully this crisis will be settled soon, be well and take care!

Just in case we are including direct link to “Our Health Service” website, a lot of useful information about Covid.

Shipping schedule – Christmas holidays

Please, be aware that starting from Tuesday, 17. December, we are stopping to ship orders due to Christmas holidays and high chance of delayed delivery – transition time is life critical for insects in regards of pretty cold weather conditions.

All orders we will receive after this date will be shipped on Monday, 6. January 2020!

Christmas is coming!

So the happy time is not so far now!

And as always it is wise to mention that except all the positiveness it will bring to us delayed delivery dates too.

Postal services will be overwhelmed with traffic and we are strongly recommend to chose Express method to increase chances of successful order delivery. Also it is traceable and that will give us all more peace of mind, especially as weather conditions are getting worse.