Peruvian Leaf Mantis (Pseudoxyops perpulchra)


Beautiful leaf mimic!

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Short care sheet for Peruvian Leaf Mantis (Pseudoxyops perpulchra):

Origin: Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador

Size: up to 8 cm (females, males are significantly smaller)

Temperature: 23-28C day / 20-22 night

Humidity: 70%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Peruvian Leaf Mantis is relatively new species in captive culture, but is really remarkable for its great leaf like camouflage.

Keeping of this species is easy as these mantids are really voracious and nymphs are readily attacking any prey of appropriate size (starting from fruit flies for younger instars and up to Pallid roaches for sub adults and adults).

As males are significantly smaller than females they are very shy and can be easily scared and if so they will try to run or play dead. Be careful – they are very fast and are good flyers!

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