New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect (Eurycantha calcarata)


Sexual reproduction (males + females)

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect:

Origin: New Guinea, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.

Size: up to 14 cm (females, males are smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: High 

Difficulty Level: Easy

New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect are large, strong and very robust insects living up to 2 years. Very important to know before buying is that males have strong hind legs with large spines (trivial name refers to them actually). They will desperately defend themselves when scared and it might be pretty painful if they will catch your finger. Consider this feature before buying this species.

Speaking about keeping conditions – New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect is not really demanding and live very well in room temperatures (20-24C). No special lightning required, general lightning from windows or lamps will be more than enough. Also they will need relatively high humidity, spray them 4-5 times per week.

A hiding place is recommended to use, for example – a hollow cork bark or any properly sized artificial hideout for reptiles or amphibians.

Feeding plants are: Cherry, Beech, Hawthorn, Bramble, Rose, Oak or Hazel.

This is sexually reproducing species and that means that you will need both sexes for successful breeding. Females are noticeable bigger and have sturdy body with ovipositor in the end of their abdomen, so you will never be confused. They will need a layer of moist cocos, peat moss and soil mix for egg laying.

Eggs should be collected and incubated in the same conditions for about 4-6 months (temperature – 20-23C).

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