Mount Apo Stick Insect (Mearnsiana bullosa “Mt. Apo”)


Sexual reproduction (males + females)

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for Mount Apo Stick Insect (Mearnsiana bullosa):

Origin: Phillippines

Size: up to 10 cm (females, males are smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: High 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Mearnsiana bullosa do not have trivial name yet as this species is relatively new to the culture – first successful breeding took place in 2008. So to give it more personality we are using locality it was collected as trivial species name.

This is sexually reproducing species and females are significantly bigger and more sturdy than males. Both sexes have metallic green coloration, but males are more elegant, with yellow, orange and even red dots and stripes. Absolutely stunning animals.

These insects demands high humidity and so you can spray them daily in evening time (but do not over moisten!). Also they can be kept at 20-24C, i.e. room temperatures.

Nymphs and adults of Mount Apo Stick Insect are readily accepting Bramble, Hazel and Beech, newborn nymphs are strong enough to deal with leaves from very beginning.

Females are laying eggs in substrate (moist cocos, peat moss and soil mix), eggs are pretty mould resistant. Incubation time – 4-5 months.

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