Crowned Stick Insect (Onchestus rentzi)


Sexual reproduction (male+female).

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Short care sheet for Crowned Stick Insect:

Origin: NE Australia

Size: 10-11 cm (females, males – up to 8 cm)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: Low (no spraying required, only young nymphs need it temporarily after hatching)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Uncommon species from Australia, easy to keep, pretty calm and will not lose limbs on any occasion, but would display its beautiful wings sometimes when scared. Its name, Crowned Stick Insect is based on small outgrowth on insect head that looks like a tiny crown.

Not really picky about food and can feed on Bramble, Salal, Hypericum (St. John Wort), Privet, Eucalyptus and even Common Hazel. Most of them are evergreen and that is making easier to provide your new Stick Insects with plenty of food.

Crowned Stick Insect is sexually reproducing species, so you will need males and females – it is recommended to take 20 eggs if you like to get both sexes for sure. Eggs are incubated on slightly wet paper towel for about 4-5 months (temperature – 20-23C).

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