Cat Tien Stick Insect (Marmessoidea sp. “Cat Tien”)


Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Cat Tien Stick Insect (Marmessoidea sp. “Cat Tien”):

Origin: Vietnam (Cat Tien National Park)

Size: 7-8 cm (males are more subtle and smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures (20-23C)

Humidity: 60% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

First of all be aware that name “Cat Tien Stick Insect” is not official, we are using it just to make it easy to refer for common keepers. For scientific purposes it is better to use its Latin name or Phasmid Study Group number (PSG 374).

This is fragile, but beautiful species (especially under proper lightning) that is feeding on Bramble, Lilac, Privet, St. John Wort, Lonicera and Bay Laurel and that is pretty easy to keep. They don’t like high temperatures, so it is better to keep it in range of 20-23C, spraying is required – it can be done at evening time each day. Do not over moisten vivarium if you are using hygienic keeping system (i.e. paper towels instead of any substrate on bottom).

Marmessoidea sp. females are gluing its eggs in leaf petioles, into bark crevices or anything similar, but such alternatives as floral foam slices can be used with great success. Incubation time is about 3-4 months on slightly damp substrate.

Important info: This species can produce irritating defensive liquid, so try to avoid contacting mucous membranes of your mouth or eyes – wash hands after handling of insects.

Also this species is not recommended for people with allergies.

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