Glowspot Roach (Lucihormetica subcincta), male (bright orange spots), two females and bunch of nymphs of all stages.

Children of the night – Meet the Glowspot Roach!

One of the most amazing and beautiful species from our collection – Glowspot Roach (Lucihormetica subcincta) from Columbia, South America.

This is burrowing species that spent most of the day time in substrate, but come to surface after dark. Males have two bright orange/yellow spots on their pronotum which can glow in the darkness – sadly it can be observed in the natural habitat only where roaches can find necessary ingredients like fungi etc. Females and nymphs are just a bit less bright, but looks very uncommon as well.

Our group is growing and we are hoping that some of these roaches would be available in the shop soon. Stay tuned!:)